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Our new Green & Brass retro range

Our new Green & Brass range wasn’t planned but the colour combination kept catching my eye in distressed antiques, watering cans, art glass, street utility boxes and even a Christmas jigsaw! Here’s what real designers might call a mood board, but not sure if we’re professional enough to steal the concept.

Normally our house signs reproduce blocks of colour beautifully smooth – no snags, no blotches – so part of my obsession was to add a distressed feel achieved by giving a mottled overlay to the green. This gives the signs a nostalgic, retro look great for sheds, workshops, outhouses and even reproduction railway signs. They’ll also be perfect for homes converted from industrial buildings or from farms and barns by giving a nod to agricultural machinery.

And maybe that’s what was in the mind of our first customer – see the top left hand picture in the main image – Ford Green Farm in Staffordshire. Turns out the green matches that of the windows, in what used to be a classic choice for outdoor paintwork surely now due for a comeback.

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