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For over a year now, we’ve been producing memorial signs, and it’s been a pleasure to help customers wanting an outdoor plaque dedicated to their loved ones. We have now brought out some beautiful new memorial plaque designs, with vintage floral sprays or frames, in colours that are less sombre than black. The first shown here is a teal blue, with a crocus frame.

We can include a cherished photograph, in either black and white or full colour, and because we use a photographic reproduction process in printing our signs, the quality will be excellent. Of course we can do a remembrance plaque for a pet too, such as this one for our own lovely squishy cat, Mischa, who sadly passed away aged 16:

There are other designs too, if you have a look at the website. They can attach to a wall – indoors or outside – or to a wooden stake for planting in the garden next to a favourite tree or anywhere that will grant you a few moments of reflection. Nothing can overcome the loss that you feel, but there is a basic need to pay place a long-lasting tribute to those who have gone.

Circular plaques are already established in heritage schemes, and we can do a round version but in a different colour to blue to avoid confusion with official markers. Here’s one we made for a dear friend in dark grey, but dark green can look good too:

But don’t feel restricted by what you see above. We can do many different sizes, colours and choice of fonts. There’s no restriction on the amount of words we can include, accepting of course that they will appear smaller, the greater the length. And we’ll send you visuals until the design is exactly right, as it is so important for you.

As with all our signs, our memorial plaques are made from lightweight aluminium, are weatherproof and fade resistant, and easy to mount. We hope they’ll provide happy memories for years to come.


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