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We love your own sign ideas!

You might be forgiven for thinking that producing a personalised sign involves changing the numbers, names or address, and occasionally a different font or colour. But because of Selene Signs’ flexibility, we can design a completely bespoke sign for our customers. Indeed, some of our best-selling signs have been generated that way, as with Spanish Tiles and Mexican Tiles, both based on the actual tiles the customers had in their Californian homes.


And it seems lockdown has had everyone asking: ‘Can you do a frog?’ A seagull? A woodpecker? A seahorse? And so far the answer’s always been ‘Yes we can!’. In fact, I think the only time we’ve totally failed is when someone asked for a double-sided sign (to my regret I didn’t suggest having two printed and stuck together).

Regarding the seagull sign, a discussion was had about the position of the apostrophe after Numptys’, or whether it should be Numpties’. In the end, the customer is always right!

All these custom signs will now be adapted for launch to everyone, so watch out for them as the year progresses.


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