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A warmer welcome

We always say house signs should reflect your personality, and you can be assured of a warm welcome from this customer in Chatham, Kent. Don’t turn your nose up at the beer glasses, house signs don’t have to be a permanent fixture for a thousand years. Most of us move far more frequently, yet so many signs on sale look as though they are intended for generations stretching far into the future.

So why not have more fun? Immediately we arrive at his door, we can tell Chris will be a great host and offer us a pint should we be his mates or maybe even his postman.

This is another of our totally bespoke signs. ‘Can you do a beer glass sign?’ asked Chris, to which we replied: ‘Full, we assume, but straight or dimpled mug? Lager, bitter or Guinness?’. We were able to access a photo that fitted the bill by Alexander Lesnitsky, and repeated it to make the two required. Yes, the level of the beer in the glass isn’t quite right at the finished angle, but down a few and you won’t notice.

Cheers everyone!

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