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New coastal and beach house signs added

Our range of coastal and maritime signs have been quite a hit since their launch last year, with people even ordering in the depths of winter. Then we had requests for images not already in our collection, and we were delighted to find one for each of the customers who requested them. (Regular readers may remember some pictures from an earlier post.)

Now on sale to everyone, we’ve added a sharp-eyed blackbacked seagull, delicately coloured in


Our love-hate relationship with seagulls continues. Sentinel of the skies, present in all seaside views? Or thief of ice cream and chips? Go on, have some fun on your beach hut.

Then we found this great seahorse illustration, which looks its best on a navy blue or aquamarine background, with the image and letters in silver. Don’t believe seahorses steal anything, so it’s simple love with them:

Finally, we couldn’t resist this octopus. Eight arms to hug you? Now that hugging’s allowed again, what better way to give your guests a warm welcome?

All signs printed on weatherproof aluminium, either circular or rectangular as shown, but we can do different shapes – just let us know.


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