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Celebrating football winners

The 2021 season has ended, but your support can live on with a personalised football club house sign. We’ve shown some examples based on recent champions, with apologies to anyone that we’ve missed out:

Chelsea FC: supreme winners of the Champions League, so we’ve added the outline of the trophy to our Chelsea Football Club sign. The number 1 recognises the final score that led to triumph over …

Manchester City: Top of the Premier League. Again. So your City house sign should have a long life.

Leicester City: Won the FA Cup for the first time. We’ve added a fox for the Foxes sign, but it may need to be a bit meaner and leaner.

Sutton United: o.k. it’s Selene Signs home team but the U’s have won a place in the Football League for the first time. Sutton supporters will need no reminding that the giraffe pattern amid the team colours on the sign is a tribute to team mascot, Jenny the Giraffe.

Congratulations to all this year’s winners, and enjoy your summer break.

In case you’re wondering, we can’t add an official team crest to our signs due to the huge licensing costs involved. Premier League clubs in particular are very conscious of the income they can make by licensing and only large companies can afford to pitch for that business. As a very tiny company¬† with a niche product, Selene Signs doesn’t stand a chance of making the sums of money – known as ‘minimum commission’ – that would be payable under contract whether we sold a single club sign or thousands. If you have a solution to this, and would like to see small companies supported by more football clubs, please let us know!

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