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Totally bespoke or custom signs

We continue to be delighted by how many customers ask us for a special design – one based on their loves or maybe their house or cottage already had a name they wanted visualised. Of course, all our standard signs are personalised to a degree, with a number or name dropped into our popular designs. But now we are talking about totally bespoke signs, sometimes referred to as custom orders.

Here’s a selection we’ve done recently, with more at the head of this blog. Whether it’s a fox for Foxy Cottage, a robin because they come into your garden, blackberries or strawberries – well we all love those. And we can reproduce your own photos, like the car and orangetip butterfly, as well as your own artwork for a plaque commemorating an anniversary.

And let your imagination run riot – what could be more welcoming than beer mugs at your front door? Perhaps your hens will appreciate a colourful rooster on their hen house, sorry, palace. Or how about a collection of sea creatures lit by moonlight, as in Moon Dance for a holiday home in Florida. A fern, swallow or rose will all look good on a cottage sign, but a pepper tree? Yes, if it’s in Bermuda.

We can do most of these signs for you too, except where it’s a customer’s own image, but if you don’t see anything here that you like here, drop us a line on info@selene-signs.uk and we’ll come up with a totally bespoke sign that reflects your life and interests.

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