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Alternative mounting for our signs

Helen from Folkestone loves the sign we produced using her original artwork with racehorses. She was also keen to have a special, secure mounting and being pretty skilled at DIY, shared with us her instructions:

  • I started out with Wickes’ Bullnose pine architrave, says Helen, as I wanted that rounded profile, but any profile will do as long as you can drill it in the middle. I went big and chunky. I knew the sign would be 21 x 28 centimeters, so measured for a couple of centimeters all round.
  • I then mitred it, so it would form a frame. The tricky bit is alignment and fiddling about to make sure the joints are smooth. Wood adhesive sorts out a multitude of sins on that front!
  • The frame was sprayed with Wilko Satin Spray Paint (interior/exterior) a number of times.
  • It was finished off with a few coats of lacquer (Satin – interior/exterior)
  • Then put drill holes in your frame. The key is to countersink the drill holes so that the screws don’t stick out. Mount on the wall.
  • Use a bit of sandpaper on the back of the sign to provide a good key with the wood. Finally, use a quick setting epoxy to weld the sign onto the frame.

A shortcut would be to buy a ready-made chunky frame, but it will still need to be laquered to protect it from the elements, advises Helen.

Once she had mounted her sign so diligently, Helen was kind enough to pass on these comments: “We are completely bowled over by the sign, to the point where members of the household were considering it too good to go outdoors. It is absolutely marvellous – I shall not hesitate to recommend your services.”

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