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Is it Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Arts & Crafts?

I first bought a stunning, colourful art deco wash jug from an antique shop back in the 19 … well a long time ago. Since setting up Selene Signs it’s been my ambition to recreate the design as a house sign, and finally it’s launched as our new Art Deco Fruit range. Here’s the original jug with some work in progress pictures.


But how to describe it? It’s probably from the 1930s, so Art Deco would seem the obvious choice but it doesn’t have the angular corners and pastel shades. Perhaps it’s a nod back to Art Nouveau, with the sinuous stalks for the fruit but not quite as dramatic. The British Arts & Crafts style could also be an influence, and the signs would certainly fit with the wooden beams and vernacular style of what Osbert Lancaster calls ‘Stockbroker Tudor’ and its semi-detached offspring.

The Art Deco Fruit sign is also reminiscent of the pottery of Clarice Cliff, now featuring in the film ‘The Colour Room’, but while it has the vibrant colour, our fruit leans towards the realistic rather than the jazz age impressionistic. Or how about Tiffany glass – suggested by the influence of the bold outlines?

I don’t have an answer but what I do know is that it is one of our most beautiful house signs ever and will appeal to anyone who likes vintage or retro design. It comes in both a rectangular and round version, printed on high grade aluminium so that the colours lose none of their strength.

The Art Deco Fruit sign will look great on homes from the Twenties or Thirties, on holiday homes with its Mediterranean vibe, or maybe in a garden. It can be personalised with your house name or number, or special words to make it wonderful wall art – particularly in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

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