Sheila Gimson, Director: In her previous career as a PR consultant, Sheila specialised in paper, packaging and signage. This brought her back in contact with Michael, when he was working for a sign systems supplier. Together they realised that house signage hasn't changed in decades, and came up with many ideas to replace the old, tired formats. After finding a supplier that could produce lightfast signs to the highest quality, Sheila and Michael launched Selene Signs to bring fresh and beautiful signs to market, giving you more choice of designs that reflect your personalities, loves and lifestyles.

Michael Shuttleworth, Business Development Director: Michael's extensive career in sales and marketing for stationery, office products and sign systems has provided him with an wide range of business contacts. He has been instrumental in kick-starting our agency network, and is looking for new partners to join us.

Who is Selene? Selene is the Greek goddess of the full moon, usually depicted driving her chariot across the sky pulled by two horses. The moon lights the way and provides inspiration - so Selene Signs is delighted it could adopt the goddess's name for its venture.