Agents and retailers:  If you would like to sell our signs or your own design ranges, please contact us for further details of trade discounts and display material.


Clubs, charities, associations: A personalised or non-personalised house sign will be snapped up by your supporters. They can be made in your colours, to your design, or we can provide a unique design for you. Your supporters can celebrate your greatest achievements or show they took part in special events. Selenes top quality house signs make a desirable addition to the product ranges you offer, and a talking point for fans and followers.

Designers and photographers: We know how important it is for you to maximise the potential of each image you generate across many different products. People who love your work can now display it at their front door, to be seen every day. We are also keen to offer new ranges on our website and via agents, giving you a wider audience as well as an additional income stream.