We’ve just launched our Primrose house sign, with a beautiful watercolour illustration of this delicate wildflower. Primroses bloom in the spring, but should this restrict you from adopting them for a plaque that will appear all year round?
Easter Bunny or Anytime Rabbit Sign
There’s a rumour going around that if you order two of our Rabbit house signs, in a short time you’ll have a whole family of little bunny signs hopping over your walls and garden. We can’t possibly comment, but if you’re happy to stick with just one...
Does your sign need an apostrophe?
We recently produced this excellent sign for Maxine of Norfolk and she kindly sent us a photo – always appreciated! She had asked if we could do a sign with a ringed plover, and when her order came through we could see why – the name of the road is Plover’s...
6 Most Beautiful House Signs
Here at Selene Signs we regularly keep an eye on the competition, and have to admit that while there are house sign designs we admire, nothing much comes close to our own when you’re talking about beauty in an artistic sense.
Everything's coming up roses!
House signs with a rose image are almost universally popular, and as noted before, ‘Rose Cottage’ is our most requested house name. The sign featuring the apricot rose is now a best seller but isn’t necessarily everyone’s first choice, so we have now...