In choosing a memorial plaque for a loved one, you can opt for a traditional design, in brass or gold finish for example, but how about something that is more meaningful and personal in keeping their memory alive? Selene Signs has now launched a new service that will allow you to have both a photograph plus a symbol representing special interests or passions on their memorial plaque.

We’ve put together a few examples. Our popular rose image adapts well for a keen gardener, but we can source any flower or plant, in full colour, for anyone who enjoyed the garden, the greenhouse or the great outdoors. Wildlife lovers can also be remembered with their favourite wild animal – how about that time you saw a barn owl together?

Cars and bikes can represent an ambition as well as pastimes. Maybe your loved one didn’t achieve a Jaguar E-type or Harley Davidson during their lifetime, but we have one here to add to their memorial. Of course, there may have been a much-loved vehicle, tinkered with every Sunday afternoon - send us a photograph and we can include that too.

Fishing is one of the country’s favourite pastimes, and we can offer all types of sea or freshwater fish, from our vintage image collection. For sailors or lovers of the coast, how about our sailing ship, or another maritime symbol?

Of course, football is pre-eminent among sports for inspiring a following. We can create a memorial in any football club colours – or those of any other sports club – and add a line from the team song or other significant symbol. Sadly, we can’t reproduce club badges, as licensing is prohibitive for a small company like Selene, but we may be able to source other images that are in the public domain.

We will, of course, send you visuals of your design at all stages until you are happy with the final appearance. Want to see alternatives? No problem, we will try out different variations.

All our aluminium memorial plaques are of outdoor quality, weatherproof and long lasting. They can be mounted on a wall or on a stake, for placing on the outside of your house, a shed, garage or in the garden. We can make many different sizes, from small 15 x 10 cm up to 28 x 21 cm and beyond.

There’s also no restriction on the number of words you can order, unlike some plaque providers who give a strict limit. Our aim is to be as flexible and offer as much choice as possible when it comes to remembering your loved ones, so please don’t be afraid to throw us a challenge in drawing up a design that does justice to their life.