It’s an exciting time when you’re moving house and looking forward to putting your stamp on your new home. It can be very tempting to order a sign with the name or number of your coming residence – it makes it feel a new start is on the way when the legal wrangling is otherwise holding up progress in other areas.

I know, I’m in that position myself. I can’t wait to make my move to the coast but it’s still weeks away. In the meantime, I’m choosing – will it be the Mermaid, the Compass, or maybe Welcome to my Plaice? Or perhaps I’ll have the house number on a stake at the roadside, as the front door is just a little too far away for visitors to read easily.

Whenever I have a conversation with a customer who tells me the sign is for their new home, I’m very tempted to say STOP! Wait till you’re safely in. My own house purchase has nearly fallen through twice now and it can and does happen to you. Your beautiful, personalised sign may end up being attached to a garden shed instead of your entrance way.

Whilst I love to receive orders, please hold off till you’re in residence just in case the worst happens. I hope it doesn’t but let your imagination run free in the meantime rather than your shopping fingers.

All this allows me the opportunity to give advance notice that Selene will be moving soon, and the website may be out of action for a few days, if not longer. When? I’ll let you know when contracts have been exchanged!