Ducks, drakes and ... pelicans?

Ducks, drakes and ... pelicans?

If you live close to the water, then chances are that a web-footed feathered friend might take your fancy as a subject of your house sign. So we’re pleased to add two new designs of the bird variety – the Duck and the Pelican. 

The Duck sign has a vintage image of a Mallard drake, which of course is the gender with the distinctive colourful plumage. If you live on Pond Place, Foul Ing Lane, Waterside or River Bank this could be the one for you. Or you may keep ducks, love the countryside or perhaps let your guests know you’re a little bit quackers round at your place!

Meanwhile the Pelican house sign comes with two images and styles. One features a pelican stretching its wings and is printed in classic blue and white maritime colours. The second has a stationary bird, carefully coloured in to show its yellow eye and pink beak, with a black border. If you have a beach house, a seaside holiday home or feel the appeal of these unique sea birds, the pelican sign will add personality to your property.


All the signs come in our popular 20 cm diameter round shape. The Duck sign can also be ordered in three rectangular sizes, but we can do the Pelican in those sizes too if you drop us a message. 

Of course, if you want a sign to warn visitors to avoid hitting their heads low beams, then one of these would do the trick …