Our sign designs based on Spanish or Mexican tiles have been rightly popular, for holiday homes as well as main residences, and we were keen to offer a new choice.

We turned to a country that has a tremendous heritage of tiling – Portugal. Known as azulejos, the tiles appear on churches and many public buildings as well as private houses. While many use a purely decorative pattern, the use of tiles grew to be a medium for religious or historical scenes, extending the possibilities for art still further.

As the name implies, azulejos are predominantly blue, with a nod to the seafaring history and coastal location of Portugal at the edge of the Atlantic. But many other colours creep in, and sometimes the blue is omitted altogether.

We were inspired by a particular geometric pattern that combines cobalt and sea blues with a vibrant yellow. The ‘tiles’ are arranged in a border around the edge of the sign, leaving a blank space in the middle for your house name or number. As always we are not restricted to a set number of letters, so your imagination can roam free!

The Portuguese Tiles pattern range is produced in a wide range of sizes, in both landscape and portrait formats. There’s also a square version, that starts at 10 x 10 cm but can size up as high as you like. 

It can take a while to work up the design from an original tile image, the reproduce it to fit the various sizes, but we think it’s worth it. Hope you agree.