Rose Cottage Rules!

Rose Cottage Rules!

When setting out on our house sign journey, we heard a rumour that ‘Rose Cottage’ was the most popular house name in the UK. So when we launched our beautiful Apricot Rose design in 2022, we were prepared for a few orders with that as the name.

And the rumour was right! In less than a full year, Rose Cottage is streets ahead as the personalisation requested most frequently of all our orders. Not just in the UK, but the sign has gone to the USA, Canada and Australia too. 

Of other house names, only ‘Bumblebee Cottage’ and ‘Toad Hall’ come into multiple figures. Yes, frogs, swans, foxes and swallows also appear frequently but usually in a different combination of words. And of course, we’re not talking about total sales of each design – our Spanish and Mexican Tiles designs have outsold the rest, with the Bumblebee probably in third place now in combination with other house names, numbers or special words.

It confirms our suspicion that many house sign customers like traditional designs, and of course our Apricot Rose is gorgeous, so long may it last. But equally, don’t be afraid to choose a name that’s a bit unusual – ‘The Box of Frogs’ is one of our favourites!