Signs of a happy wedding!

Signs of a happy wedding!

There are times when a scrap of paper won’t do. When guests coming to your wedding venue need an extra bit of reassurance that they’ve chosen the correct fork in the road or gateway. A sign with your photo on it, and which can withstand a lot of weather, helps everyone get to the church on time. 

A wedding sign from Selene, printed on weatherproof aluminium, not only points your guests in the right direction but also acts as a permanent souvenir of your special day. 

Before you order, best to scope out the location first. Is there a flat surface on which you can mount the sign? Will it stand out sufficiently? Is the venue happy for you to bring along your own sign? Our signs are lightweight and will only need blu tack to stay up for a day, so that should be enough to overcome any objections.

Alternatively, a photo sign can be mounted on an indoor wall as a focal point for your guests, or placed on a mini-easel (found in art and crafts outlets) on the gift table. 

In choosing the photo to feature on your sign, bear in mind it needs a background against which the lettering will stand out. The photo below is wonderful, but there’s just not enough room to place the welcome, names and date or provide enough contrast:

White letters usually stand out best, even against quite a pale sky, but black may be more suitable if the background is very light. We can use any font or style of lettering – and will work with you until you are happy with your sign’s design. We can add an arrow too.

A completely bespoke sign may be the answer if you can’t find the right photo: Five us your ideas: plain lettering only, pictures for shared hobbies and interests, your pets or the spot where the proposal was made. Or choose from one our existing designs – have a browse through the website for flowers, patterns, maritime symbols or even a motorbike!

So all good wishes for your special day. Just don’t forget to appoint someone to take down the sign once you’ve disappeared on honeymoon.