Confused? Spanish tile or Spanish tile pattern?
Our love affair with tile patterns began almost at the beginning of our business life. My daughter had just moved into a new house and asked for a sign with a Moroccan design, having previously enjoyed a holiday in that country. As a result our Moroccan...
Does your sign need an apostrophe?
We recently produced this excellent sign for Maxine of Norfolk and she kindly sent us a photo – always appreciated! She had asked if we could do a sign with a ringed plover, and when her order came through we could see why – the name of the road is Plover’s...
6 Most Beautiful House Signs
Here at Selene Signs we regularly keep an eye on the competition, and have to admit that while there are house sign designs we admire, nothing much comes close to our own when you’re talking about beauty in an artistic sense.
Rose Cottage Rules!
When setting out on our house sign journey, we heard a rumour that ‘Rose Cottage’ was the most popular house name in the UK. So when we launched our beautiful Apricot Rose design in 2022, we were prepared for a few orders with that as the name.
Signs of Spring!
“I’ll be with you in apple blossom time,” goes the old song. But there’s no need for suitors to wait when you have our Apple Blossom sign at your front door – it will welcome admirers at any time of year. If you live on Apple Tree Lane, Orchard Cottage...