‘I want to make sure delivery drivers can find us,’ said Lesley, from Lincolnshire, who needed a large sign at the roadside rather than next to her front door. The result is ‘Sea Moon’, shown here attached to her fencing in a large size 30 x 24 cm. 

She originally asked us for a sign in what is known as a ‘bridge’ shape – which we can’t supply – it’s a rectangle with a semi-circle added on the top edge. So we copied the shape with a gold line, added a friendly man in the moon vintage illustration, sprinkled on some stars and completed the design with a gold arrow. Lesley is delighted with the result.

We’re always happy to do bigger signs, anything up to 60 cm for a rectangle and 50 cm in diameter for a circular sign. There are times when a smaller sign just won’t be legible from where it needs to be seen. 

Geoffrey in Cyprus was one such customer. He has an apartment on the waterfront above a restaurant and needed a sign that could include his AirBnb reference. Passers-by can note his details or photograph the sign, and make future bookings. We were able to supply Geoffrey with a 60 x 40 cm sign, in blue to echo the nautical feel of the décor, and with our delightful seahorse image included.

At other times customers come to us with their own artwork, and this may not work successfully at a standard size – too long and thin for instance. Again, we’ll work until we find the right size, and avoid having to change the design by adding more block colour to fill in the extra area.

And there’ll always be the customer who purely wants a big sign – they have the space, they love the look and they don’t mind the higher price. Always go as big as you can afford, we say. You won’t regret it!