Rose Cottage Rules!
When setting out on our house sign journey, we heard a rumour that ‘Rose Cottage’ was the most popular house name in the UK. So when we launched our beautiful Apricot Rose design in 2022, we were prepared for a few orders with that as the name.
Signs of Spring!
“I’ll be with you in apple blossom time,” goes the old song. But there’s no need for suitors to wait when you have our Apple Blossom sign at your front door – it will welcome admirers at any time of year. If you live on Apple Tree Lane, Orchard Cottage...
‘I want to make sure delivery drivers can find us,’ said Lesley, from Lincolnshire, who needed a large sign at the roadside rather than next to her front door. The result is ‘Sea Moon’, shown here attached to her fencing in a large size 30 x 24 cm. ...
Please order by 7th December
We've been discussing order dates with Santa and he agrees, that while he can successfully deliver your presents all in one night, our local courier services might need a bit more time. So to be on the safe side with Xmas shipping:
In choosing a memorial plaque for a loved one, you can opt for a traditional design, in brass or gold finish for example, but how about something that is more meaningful and personal in keeping their memory alive? Selene Signs has now launched a new...