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Ideas for our decorative house signs and house numbers come from many different sources. We found beautiful vintage images for our three Rose signs and blossoms.There are the luxurious circular signs by Francesca Grace of Brighton. Ashcroft Designs were inspired by the colours, patterns and henna tattoos of the East for their Spice range - bold, rich images that look great on our white finish or stunning when printed on silver. If you're nostalgic for days of Mods and Rockers, there's a motorbike and scooter sign by Joel Pascual Rodrigues. We couldn't resist including some skull tattoo house signs, and these were designed exclusively for us by Elisha Forde of Wicked Ink in Sutton. Selene's own designs based on vintage ceramics and tiles will look good on houses old and modern, as well for your holiday home, villa, in the garden or even as a kitchen wall plaque in the case of our Lemons sign.. And our Love Heart sign will make a fantastic gift of wall art - inside or outside the house.