We're open for business as usual and would love you to place an order. Please rest assured we will fulfil your order with the greatest attention to health and safety. 

Selene is very much a one-person business - that's me, Sheila Gimson - and I normally work from home anyway. So I can take your orders, add the personalisation you need and ensure everything is followed up, all as normal.

Our suppliers make our signs for us with the minimum of handling and high standards of manufacturing, safety and cleanliness. They have taken extra steps to keep working during the present situation. 

Delivery is by courier, in cardboard packages and internal plastic protective wrapping. As delivery usually takes a few days after processing (to the UK), the chances of a virus surviving on the product or its packaging are minimal. 

I'm continuing to work on new designs and will be launching them on the website and via social media for the foreseeable future, so if you don't see anything you like, keep a watch here and on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me on


Each personalised house sign is made to order, printed on HD aluminium using dye sublimation. As the image is locked into the surface of the aluminium, then sealed to make it UV resistant, your sign is highly weatherproof, unlikely to fade, nor are the numbers/letters likely to peel off.

We give a five-year guarantee for our signs, but they should last many years more.

Shape: Our rectangular signs are either landscape or portrait as guided by the design and have rounded corners for safe handling. We also offer small squares and our popular circular designs.


Landscape                           Portrait                                                                                Circular

28 x 22cm                            22 x 28cm            (slightly less than A4)                      20 cm diameter

20 x 15cm                            15 x 20cm            (slightly less than A5)

15 x 10cm                            10 x 15cm            (slightly less than A6)

10 x 10cm square

Personalisation: We can include your house numbers, house names, number and street name, or any other combination. Use CAPITALS or Upper Lower case exactly as you want any letters to appear on the sign. Alternative wording, such as Welcome to the Smiths, Please ring, Love or virtually any other text can be included provided it fits. We will not reproduce any wording or images that could be considered offensive.

Fonts: Each design has a specified font that complements the image, but we can use alternatives if you can tell us what you would like.

Special bespoke signs or wall plaques: if you dont see exactly what you want in our product listings, then please contact us and well do a design especially for you. Weve done circular signs as big as 50 cm diameter and can do lots of different sizes. We can also reproduce your own designs and photographs, and can do commercial business signs too.

Mounting: No DIY skills are required to put up your sign, nor ugly screws that spoil the design. We supply hook and loop pads* that will stick to most flat or slightly bumpy surfaces, such as wood and brick. For less even surfaces, such as pebbledash or fencing, then a mounting board should be attached first. 

* For orders from outside the UK, we regret we do not supply pads unless requested. Shipping charges are reduced to allow for this. Recommendations on suitable fixings will be supplied.

Please note that the hook & loop pads we supply are not recommended for use on uPVC (vinyl) doors and panels, but we believe there are alternative adhesives and pads available, Nor do we recommend drilling holes in the sign, which may result in chips in the surface, but with care this has been done.

Care of your sign: Please only use a dry lint-free cloth to dust your sign and rub off fingermarks, with cold water for more stubborn stains. Avoid furniture polish, glass cleaners or other abrasive cleaners that might damage the smooth surface.

Firmer grip: Should you want added security and are confident you wont replace the sign for a long time, then attach your sign using stronger adhesive pads or strips available from DIY outlets.

Wall plaques for inside walls: we recommend you use Command strips or similar rather than hook and loop pads, which may damage plaster work. We currently do not supply these with your order.

Replacing your sign: Want a temporary Christmas or party sign? Moving house? Or a new style? Simple just pull the existing sign away, and replace, using complementary hook or loop pads.

Recycling: At the end of its life, your sign can be placed in the metals waste stream as it is 99% aluminium. But please remove the sticky pads first.

Copyright: Copyright of all designs belongs to Selene Signs Limited, or to the original designer, photographer or owner. All rights reserved. Our copyright designs cannot be reproduced without permission. Licences we have obtained from third parties only apply to signage, and no other products. Customers must hold the copyright of any photographs or designs they wish us to use.